Our Vision is to supply premium, hand crafted Bonsai Pots made in Australia by Australians

Ceramics is my passion. I love the challenge of turning a lump of clay into a beautiful, useful object.


After a career in Graphic Design and Customer Service I decided it was time to do something I love, and to this end started Murrumbung Studio Ceramics.


I am the Inaugural winner of the Gary Healey Wheel Thrown Pottery Award, and have exhibited my work in group shows, including the 2017 and 2018 Bonsai Potters Exhibitions at the National Arboretum in Canberra for Bonsai Week 2017. 

Whilst I really enjoy being at the pottery wheel, my work has recently incorporated more hand built work as I strive to provide the Bonsai market with different and innovative containers.

Everything made by Murrumbung Studio Ceramics is unique. No two pieces are created the same.

I do not make items from the same mould, in the same style.

Why should the time and care invested in your tree be let down by a run-of-the-mill pot that anybody else can also buy from a local store?

Because of the recent increase in demand for our ceramics, I have begun collaborating with guest ceramicists Sue McFarland and Sarah Winter.  Look out for their names against their work!

Sue McFarland is a highly respected Ceramics educator and has been internationally recognized with her work featured in the German Salt Glazed Festival. Sue was the only Australian Ceramic Artist to be invited by the Korean government to exhibit and sell the Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival for 4 consecutive years. 

Sarah has been a practising Ceramic Artist for many years, also working  in a ceramics manufacturer's quality control and development lab; as part owner in a Ceramics studio offering a range of classes and as the driving force behind Claytech Education.


With their involvement I will be offering a new range of wood  and gas fired bonsai ceramics, kusamono / mame pots and a range of Ikebana Vases.


We hope you enjoy using our pieces as much as we enoy creating them.

Tracey Francis

Our Mission is to become the premium supplier of handcrafted, high end, 100% Australian made Bonsai Pottery to the Australian Market; and to enable Bonsai enthusiasts nationally to access ceramics which enhance the care, time and money invested in their trees.

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