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Having spent a lot of time, care and energy creating our pots; taking them to sales days or receiving online orders and shipping them - we rarely see them again. It's a real buzz to receive a photo from a happy customer showing us a tree in one of our pots. We thought a Customer Gallery page would be a great idea to showcase the talent of bonsai enthusiasts out there.....

Please feel free to email your photos so we can add them too!

Michael M's larch

Michael M from Tassie sent us a photo of something different - his 15 year old Larch that he has been developing for the past 7 years. In this photo it is just starting to show it's deciduous Autumn colours.

Lachlan's tree

Lachlan H is in London and sent us a photo of his tree in one of our black crackled pots. It's enjoying a bit of warmth on an inside windowsill until the weather warms up!

Gerard's tree

We just received this photo of Gerard S's tree in one of our organic ovals, made by Sue McFarland. The texture and colouring of this container really highlights the bark and enhances what is already a stunning tree!

Michael M's Huon Pine

MIchael M. from Tassie is at it again! Not many peole can grow a Huon Pine like him! It's been in his collection for about 3 years now and he estimates it to be at least 25+ years old, but has had estimates of it being closer to 40 years of age. It looks very happy in one of our containers!

Ken C's tree

Ken C sent us an image of his Melaleuca in one of our pots. They look fantastic together, and the tree looks so amazingly healthy!

Victor's maple

Victor has recently sent us a photo of his glorious maple in leaf. It sits very nicely in it's new soft cornered, rectangular pot!

Robert De I's tree

Robert D has just sent us his photo of his amazing Olive in one of our pots. What a fantastic tree - you can almost read the history of wind and weather on the trunk! Awesome tree, Robert!


Matt W. commissioned a pot for his Juniper, requesting a heavier pot to compensate for the weight of the tree. Whilst, traditionally, a glazed pot would not be used for a juniper, Matt knew exactly the look he was going for and the glaze he requested is a barely-there finish. The combination mimics the tree hanging over the edge of a cliff perfectly.

Deborah Koreshoff's Dwarf Alberta Spruce at the National Arboretum, Canberra

An iconic Deborah Koreshoff creation - this Dwarf Alberta Spruce is displayed in a large container commissioned by the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection at the National Arboretum, in Canberra. Because of an inspired initiative to use more containers from local makers, we were given the opportunity to create a container for this tree. Huge thanks to the NBPCA and the National Arboretum for permission to use the photo, supplied by them.

Martins tree

Martin Walters sent us his photo of an awesome pine in one of our pots. Martin described the pot as having a 'cool, snake vibe" - whatever it has, Martin has paired it brilliantly with his tree! (#martinwaltersbonsai)


Michael M from Tassie has sent us a photo of his Banksia Serrata, commonly called Old Man Banksia. The tree was sourced in Tassie from Jarryd Bailey (#montanebonsai). In true collaborative style, Michael made the executive choice on both tree and pot, and Jarryd has done the repotting. The tree has had its first styling and how good does it look? The colour of the bark marries so well with the glaze on the container. Love it!

Peter J's Pine

Peter J commissioned a pot from us for his Japanese Black Pine. The unglazed pot was wood fired to acheive a lovely satin patina. Fantastic combo!

Matts tree

Matt W. just sent us in a pic of his awesome tree in it's new pot. Here it is in all its winter glory -showing that amazing trunk. Looking forward to seeing it in full leaf!

Juniperus chinensis 8 (Shinpaku Junpier)

Michael K's Juniperus chinensis 8 (Shinpaku Junpier) is in one of our unglazed, crackled pots and it looks amazing.

Malayadragon Yee's tree

Malayadragon Yee sent us a photo of his Mulberry that he struck from a cutting only 2 years prior. Here it is in in a pot he recently commissioned. The pot, with its lighter colour and high feet, was designed to create the unstable feeling of a tree that had been blown around by wind throughout it's life. What a unique concept - and so very effective! (#malayadragon_yee)

Peter J's Japanese Black Pine

Close up of Peter J's wood fired pot for his Japanese Black Pine

Rod V's Banksia

Rod V. just sent us in a photo of his amazing Banksia in the oval pot he commissioned. Glazed in a mustard coloured, reticulated glaze, the pot echos the awesome, craggy bark.

Harry Harrington's Crataegus monogyna / Common Hawtho

Harry Harrington's Crataegus monogyna / Common Hawthorn in one of our pots made especially for this tree. We are looking forward to seeing it go through the seasons! Photo by #harry.harrington

Ken c's banksia

Ken C has recently commissioned a large crackled and oxided oval pot about 50cm long for his Banksia. The pot and the tree look as though they were made for each other!

2017 - Graham's Wollemi Pine

Graham recently purchased a nice speckled oval pot from us for his Wollemi Pine. The speckled glaze works so well with the leaves of this tree.

Nick's Melaleuca Bracteata Golden Gem

Nick has forwarded a picture of his gorgeous combination - a Melaleuca Bracteata Golden Gem in a reduction fired copper red Ox Blood glazed container. The contrast between container and tree is stunning and is fast becomiong one of our favourite pairings.


Malayadragon Yee sent us a photo of his English Elm in a pot he commissioned. He knew exactly what he was after to enhance his tree. What a stunner! (#malayadragon_yee)

Mark L's Custom Pot

As you can see Mark L doesn't think inside the square - or the round - or even the oval! Mark came up with a wiggly design that he wanted to use to create a group coastal style planting of Casuarinas. He even included a pebbly beach!

Stephen's Cascade

This cascade pot was made to replace a pot that was broken. Stephen G's choice of a partially glazed cascade was a bold move but brilliantly mimics a rocky ledge with a light dusting of snow around the base of his tree

2017 - Graham's figs

Graham has sent us an awesome example of one of our bark slab pots that he has planted up with three Figs. ​ We were so excited to see one of these pots looking so perfectly in tune with it's trees. Great job, Graham! ​


Stephen G has sent us photos of several of his trees in our pots. This root over rock is one of our favourites!

Kim's tree_edited

From his sub-tropical Paradise, Kim has sent through a picture of this Chinese Elm - what a fantastic tree! And it sits in it's pot so well - love the mound planting!

Michael M's Huon Pine

Michael M from Tasmania sent us his photo of his gorgeous little 30cm, 5 year old Huon Pine in one of our crackled pots. Huon pines are a native to Tasmania and being extremely slow growing, are a tree for the long haul! Love this combination!

NIck F's tree_edited

Nick F sent us a photo of his wonderful Melaleuca Viminea in the pot he commissioned. What a brilliant tree and pot combo.

Sam's Kusamono

Sam T, is the man behind #australianbonsai. He has sent us this photo of one of our Kusamono that he has planted up. We love this one, Sam!

Harry harrington's pot

We are so excited - this is one of our pots now in the collection of Harry Harrington! #harry.harrington

Tony Tickle with his crackled pot

We were stoked to see that Tony Tickle was very pleased with his choice of a crackled and oxided pot! #tonytickle

Hinoki Cypress freeform bark pot

This amazing Hinoki Cypress is part of the collection at the National Arboretum in Canberra. It was styled by David from Boutique Bonsai and we had the privilege of creating a pot to match David's vision. #boutiquebonsai


Mark commissioned a figure 8 shaped pot with a 'drippy glaze' in Autumn tones. He planted it up with his juniper forest which is being developed over the next few years.

Mark L's pot - detail

Close up showing the Autumn tones of Mark L's 'drippy glaze'

Graham's Freeform Pot

How's this for a brave choice? It takes a great vision to marry a tree to this pot and Graham has done an almighty job!

2018 - Sue B's Ficus

Sue B has sent in a photo of her Ficus planted in one of our bark style pots. Lovely!

2017 - Diederik's Hawthorn

Diederik sent us this photo of his absolutely stunning Hawthorn in full flower. What an amazing tree! It is so nice to see it in one of our custom-made pots. Bodhidharma Bonsai Gallery

2017 - David's Elm

David S. had very clear ideas about what he wanted in a pot for his Elm. Having sent through some suggestions, and after a very productive collaborative process, David was very pleased with the end result. This tree will develop over the next few years into an amazing specimen. #boutiquebonsai

Harry Harrington's pot

Another of our pots now in Harry Harrington's collection. We can't wait to see it with a tree in it! #harry.harrington

2017 - Mary R's Maple

Some trees just couldn't handle the intense colour of this pot - and it takes an owner like Mary R (who knows her stuff) to pair it with a Maple like this - but what a result! Stunning combination.

Premna microphylla 1 after repotting July

Another of Michael K's trees - a Premna microphylla 1 after it's recent repotting July. Such a strong composition - love the use of the glazed honey coloured pot!

2017- Lindsay's Banksia Serrata

Lindsay sent a photo of this awesome Banksia Serrata he has just re-potted. We will be working towards getting a very similar but slightly deeper pot for the next re-pot in 2018. What a tree! ​

Ryan Neil with his pots

David S went over to the US and took some of our pots over to Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai - and we were thrilled he was so pleased with them! #bonsaimirai


Stephen G chose a speckled, robust pot for this tree with a chunky, strong trunk.

2017 - Quentins tree

Quentin recently sent us this photo of his amazing tree in one of our larger pots - a 56x44cm pot made in a white raku clay that has been crackled and oxided before being stoneware fired to 1290C.  ​

2017 - Stephen's tree

A different tree from Stephen G - a shapely, curvy trunk in a matching curvy pot!

2017 - Felipe's Dawn Redwood

Felipe has sent us an awesome example of one of our textured pots planted up with his Dawn Redwood. Coupled with that lovely moss, his tree makes our pot really look the goods. Love what you've done with this Felipe @bonsai.fill ! ​ ​

2017- Felipes's Redwood

A full view of Felipe's Dawn Redwood, beautifully paired with our textured pot.


One of the trees from Stephen G's collection - refined and elegant - with a nice tufty mossy cushion to set it off.

2017 - Mary's Acacia Pinguifolia

Mary and Eric W. have just sent in this photo of their Acacia Pinguifolia group which looks stunning in it's custom-made, large oval pot. Mary had a very clear image of what she required and she got the look just right. ​

2017 - Mary's Crategeous l

Along with the photo of their Acacia grouping, Mary and Eric W sent this photo of Mary's Crataegus ‘Paul’s Scarlet’. We couldn't think of a better tree for that pot!

2017 - Aidan's Apple Tree

Aidan has forwarded a photo of his apple tree in one of our pots. We look forward to seeing it go through the seasons.

2017 - Mary R's Maple

Mary R sent us this photo of one of the Maples from her collection. Love the autumn colour here...

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